SPRING is in the air, the sun is in the sky and, in one or two cases, the taps are aff… or in taxi driver terms, the arm is oot the windae for a tannin!

So, what have our punters been talking about for the last seven days? Here’s a quick rundown:

The Kiltwalk: Well done to all the charity walkers on Sunday. A fair few needed a lift come the end of the day, but were good value for a happy blether. Great effort!

Glasgow Garden Festival: Did you know it opened 34 years ago this week, as one old fella told me? Coca Cola rollercoaster and all. Happy days, simpler times!

Football: “We are gonna win the Premiership / Europa League / Premiership play-offs / Championship play-offs” (delete as applicable to your chosen team).

The weather: Yep, that old, bronzed chestnut. There’s nothing quite like it as a conversation starter and it fair lifted moods over the past seven days

Weddings: Is it just me or is everyone getting married the noo? Feels like the first proper wave of weddings at the one time since coronavirus calmed, and great to see so many people celebrating them looking their finest. Blatant plug – remember Glasgow Taxis provide wedding taxis too…

Holidays (and honeymoons): Similarly, you lot are fair getting out and about again, although it sounds like a fair faff at just about every airport you encounter. Faff, great word that.

Ukraine: On a much, much more serious subject, this remains a top topic of conversation and cause of concern in the back of our cabs, but credit to so many of you doing something about it by helping via a variety of appeals and charities.

Twitter: You might even be reading this column thanks to Twitter. Granted, only one customer brought this subject up, and it’s fair to say the bold Elon Musk is not his favourite person.

Cost of living: Possibly the number one irritant at present. The price of everything from petrol at the pumps, gas and electricity in the hoose and food in the fridge is really rippin’ yer knittin’ right noo, and little wonder.

Top topic: “Busy the night, mate?” The undisputed #1, couldn’t really leave it out could I.

Quiet week I hear you ask? Not with you guys in the back!

Stay safe.