A FAMILY of ducks nesting on a Shawlands balcony have made a perilous journey through the neighbourhood.

A couple of years ago, Theresa Clancy and her husband Vincent found themselves the unlikely flatmates of a duck when they moved into their property on Trefoil Avenue.

Since then, every spring they anxiously watch the family make their way down a three-storey drop and onto busy Kilmarnock Road, to reach the River Cart.

A video shows mother duck, with seven chicks in tow, as they quack down the pavement shepherded by locals.

Glasgow Times: Mother duck and her ducklings crossing Kilmarnock Road shepherded by locals.Mother duck and her ducklings crossing Kilmarnock Road shepherded by locals.

While nine eggs hatched this year, initially it seemed only seven of the brood made it to the river.

But after much apprehension, it emerged all nine ducklings are now safe, thanks to residents who go out of their way to help them in their annual migration.

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Theresa said: “It’s amazing but nerve-wracking as well and a relief when they eventually get to the river.

“We rely on neighbours, passers-by and also [nearby pet shop] Fur’n’Feathers for help getting them to the river.”

While most ducks choose a place hidden by vegetation or in a tree hole, according to the RSPB, these mallards have built their nest in the balcony for over a decade.

After flying down, mother duck waits for her chicks to make the drop once they have hatched from their eggs.

The couple leave the animals undisturbed, but they like to provide water and put bricks in place to help them make the jump.

Glasgow Times: The duck family on Theresa's and Vincent's balconyThe duck family on Theresa's and Vincent's balcony

The ducks have won the locals’ hearts and their parade has become somewhat of an event, with residents stopping traffic to make sure they get to their destination safely.

This year, two ducklings went lost after hatching, but luckily, locals stepped in to help.

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Fur’n’Feathers owners George and Janice rescued one of the brood that was left lying in a garden.

The pair initially thought the duckling to be dead and took it home to give it a proper burial.

But to their surprise, the little creature, named Alba after Theresa's granddaughter, made a speedy recovery and they are now planning for a duck-lover friend to adopt it.

Glasgow Times: The eighth duckling, Alba, made a speedy recovery after being rescued by George and Janice at Fur'n'Feathers.The eighth duckling, Alba, made a speedy recovery after being rescued by George and Janice at Fur'n'Feathers.

George said: “This wee one is settling in with us at home as it was left behind and nearly dead.

“Mum had to take care of the rest of the clutch, so therefore the wee thing was cold and lying still and appeared to have an injured leg.

“We actually made the decision to remove the duckling and bury it in our garden but on the [15 minutes’ journey home] in the heat of my wife's hands, it started to show signs of life.

“We are jubilant. We have named it Alba after the youngest of the members of the public that helped chaperone the family from Trefoil Avenue to the River Cart.

“If it wasn't for Theresa and her husband Vincent we might have missed this marvellous occasion.

“This event has been going on for a few years now and we always look forward to the early days in May.”

Glasgow Times: The "duck parade" has become somewhat of a community event in Shawlands.The "duck parade" has become somewhat of a community event in Shawlands.

According to social media reports, the ninth duckling is also safe and well in the hands of SSPCA, after another resident found it wondering in the neighbourhood.