A WOMAN who locked herself out of her home began to throw her neighbour's garden furniture around.

Megan Spence’s key got jammed inside the lock of her GHA property door in Anniesland on September 30, 2020.

The 23-year-old was within the common garden area when she spotted her neighbour walking by at around 2.30pm. Spence asked to use his phone, but he refused and entered his home.

She stood on the windowsill of her property and began to repeatedly kick it in order to try to gain access. Spence then picked up and threw her neighbour’s garden chairs and BBQ, causing £110 worth of damage.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this month, the prosecutor said: “The accused took part of an ironing board and began to strike her window with it, which also caused damage.

“Police were contacted. Officers attended immediately and traced the accused nearby. Due to her level of intoxication, they placed her in the rear of a police vehicle.

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“She was conveyed to Govan police office and whilst in a holding cell, she became irate and referred to an officer as a 'c****y'.

“She was warned regarding her behaviour but continued to make similar remarks.”

The court heard that £250 worth of damage was caused to the window and door lock.

Spence’s defence solicitor said: “She was heavily intoxicated and couldn’t get into her own property as her key was jammed.

“She has no issue with her neighbour. The incident relates to her being very drunk and not being able to get into her own home. It’s very stupid behaviour.

“She is on a community payback order just now which lasts until June. She still has quite a bit of unpaid work to be completed due to Covid issues.”

Sheriff Jonathan Guy deferred sentencing for a community payback order progress report to be provided.

Spence will return to court next month.