A GLASGOW carer has been handed a warning after he told his colleague he would bring a "real gun" into the facility. 

Paul Humphreys caused "significant" alarm and distress following the incident on or around August 17, 2021.

He was employed as a care assistant at the time, but the name of the Glasgow care home has not been revealed. 

Humphreys has now been given a warning, that will stay on his registration for a period of two years, by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

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A report states: "By stating to a colleague that you had a real gun and would bring it into your place of work, you acted in an inappropriate and reckless manner, which calls into question your personal and professional judgement.

"Further, by suggesting that the firearm was real, you acted in a dishonest manner and caused significant alarm to your manager.

"While the firearm was established to not be real, the staff involved held a genuine belief that it was a real gun and had to act accordingly in contacting the police.

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"The SSSC considered that while no harm came to any service users as a result of this behaviour, your dishonesty in stating the gun was real gave rise to a reasonable concern that harm could have been caused."

Factors in Humphrey's favour that were taken into account included his employer speaking highly of his standard of work, and the behaviour being an isolated incident which appeared to have arisen from very poor judgement.