A CAR that was seen covered in flames exploded just yards from homes in North Glasgow.

A woman, who lives nearby, called 999 after witnessing the frightening incident in Summerston's Gorstan Street last night.

She heard a car alarm go off, and went to check if it was her own vehicle. When looking out the window, she saw a bright orange glow.

The woman, who had children in her house at the time, said: "I went 'oh my god, that car’s on fire'. 

"I know my gas box is right beside where the car was and I turned round to my partner and shouted 'that car’s on fire and the gas box is there'. I went into a bit of a panic. 

"As he came to look out the window, it just exploded. I ran to get my phone to call the emergency services."

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Meanwhile, the woman's partner rushed out into the garden and turned on an outside hose.

He stood back and hosed the car down to try to keep the flames away from the building, where their gas box was located. 

Firefighters arrived shortly after 11pm, and it took around 20 minutes for the blaze to be put out. 

Glasgow Times:

The woman added: "There was a Merc car parked right next to it. I really don’t understand how that’s not been damaged. It was parked so close.

"There was a car on the other side too, not as close, but still, with these flames bursting out, and other smaller explosions, I was just waiting on all the cars going up in flames.

"A few neighbours started coming down and moving cars. One of them said they had noticed the car had been sitting there for two days and it doesn’t usually.

"I don’t recognise it as a car that would sit in the car park either, so we don’t know where it came from.

"It was frightening thinking the other cars were going to explode. It’s about 20ft away from the building but it was more these cars sitting next to it.

"I was thinking they were all going to start exploding. All it needed was a flame to jump, and the car to go on fire and it’s inevitable, it’s going to explode." 

Glasgow Times:

Police attended the scene through the night and wrapped the vehicle in blue and white police tape.

An investigation is currently ongoing. 

It has not been revealed if the car was deliberately set on fire.


A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers are carrying out enquiries after a vehicle was found alight at around 11.20pm on Wednesday, July 7, 2022, in Gorstan Street, Glasgow.

"Anyone with any information should contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting 3767 of Wednesday, July 6, 2022." 

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson added: “We were alerted at 11.04pm on Wednesday, July 6, to reports of a car on fire at Gorstan Street, Glasgow.

“Operations control mobilised one fire appliance and firefighters extinguished a fire affecting one car.

“There were no reported casualties and crews left after ensuing the area was made safe.”