What a weekend for the weather that was.

Now where’s that Billy Connolly quote when you need it most?

“Summer is the best day of the year.”

Aye, that one.

However, in truth the weekend served up not just one absolute brammer but three on the trot.

There’s few things better than seeing a busy and vibrant Glasgow in glorious sunshine.

And do you know who deserved it more than anyone?

The young team.

And by that I mean Glaswegians and Scots aged in the 16 to circa 25+ bracket.

Many Glasgow Taxi drivers like me have watched these poor souls really suffer for the past couple of years as they had to tolerate everything the pandemic threw at them, not something any of us ever faced.

Between lockdowns, missed birthdays and landmarks, no events to enjoy at exactly the time they should be – it was truly a miserable spell for them.

So here’s to the young team who enjoyed TRNSMT, and other events, in full Scottish sunshine at the weekend - because you bloody well deserved it.

The vast, vast majority appeared very well behaved, out for a good time, laughing and singing and drinking and dancing with their pals.

Exactly as it should be!

For the drivers out at the weekend doing their best to get you home safely that’s exactly what we did, our best.

I don’t want to turn this into a negative piece so the urgent need to provide a properly integrated 24/7 transport system befitting a major city with Glasgow’s night-time economy aspirations … we’ll save that debate for another column.

Until then, here’s to more sunny summer days, more successful city events and more happy faces for the young team and not so young team alike.

Summer are the best days of the year, after all!

Stay safe.