A MAN was locked up for four months for a homophobic tirade against police officers. 

Cops were called out to a flat on May 16 an unrelated matter, no longer before the courts, and arrested John Thomson. 

But in the cell van the 36-year-old started a tirade of homophobic abuse against the officers. 

He started by shouting "Police Scotland are corrupt” but then yelled “youse are all gay, you are all f**king gay”. 

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Thomson, from Sandyhills, then asked for the officers’ names and continued his rant by threatening the police. 

He said: “I’m going to find you and you are getting done in, you are getting shot.” 

He finished his outburst with "you’re a f**king dog”, before adding “your chief constable is gay.”

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Sheriff Allan McKay asked Thompson’s solicitor this week: “Was he drunk or is he just annoying when he is sober?”

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told he has been in custody since May 18 this year. 

Thomson was jailed for four months, backdated to May 18.