A YOUNG man has been jailed after “putting multiple people’s lives at risk” as he tried to evade cops nearly five times the booze limit.

Naman Chauhan was slammed by Sheriff Patricia Pryce when he appeared for sentencing at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week.

Police spotted the 25-year-old driving through a red light at Shearer Street at 12.35am on June 25, 2022.

Officers followed his Volkswagen Passat onto the A8 then Tradeston Street, but Chauhan began to speed up on the approach to Cook Street and went through another red light.

Police started a pursuit. The court heard that the roads were wet due to heavy rain just prior.

Chauhan, of Knightswood, entered the Kingston Bridge at excessive speed, where he undertook two vehicles, causing one to take evasive action.

He exited the Kingston Bridge onto North Street, where he failed to obey more red lights.

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic was noted to be “heavy”.

Chauhan turned onto Berkley Street, and upon approaching a bend going into Claremont Street, he lost control, striking several kerbs, and then a wall outside The Tron Church at Kelvingrove.

The prosecutor said: “The force of the impact removed the front nearside wheel of the vehicle.

“The accused was detained by police officers. He was noted to smell of alcohol and be slow in replying to oral prompts.

“He was requested to provide a sample of breath. He failed the roadside test and was thereafter conveyed to Cathcart police office.

“A further two samples were provided. He was held in custody to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Police checks revealed he did not have a valid driver’s licence. He made no reply to caution and charge.”

The lowest reading provided was 100mcg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. The limit is 22mcg.

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Sheriff Pryce said: “The concern I have about this gentleman is that this is his second dangerous driving offence, and he has also got a record for disqualified driving.

“He comes from a good background and has a good employment record, but for some reason, he gets behind the wheel of a car and puts people at risk.

“It’s more concerning that he comes from a good background because he’s got no good reason to do this.”

Chauhan’s lawyer revealed his client has previously completed unpaid work, but Sheriff Pryce said: “Yes, nothing seems to be working and the report says the offending is escalating.

“He gets behind the wheel knowing he’s well over the limit because he wants to take his cousin into the city centre so his cousin can go out socialising.”

The defence solicitor said: “He’s very well aware that you would be perfectly entitled to send him to prison today. He could go to prison, but I don’t imagine he would come out a better person and it won’t offer anything positive.

"A restriction of liberty order would mean he would only be going to his work. He has a good job.”

Sheriff Pryce said: “Prison is not about him; it’s about saving the public from harm. What’s going to stop this because previous community-based disposals haven’t.”

Chauhan’s lawyer said social work supervision would help address particular difficulties.

But Sheriff Pryce sentenced Chauhan to time in prison.

She told him: “I find it quite shocking that someone with your start in life thinks it’s okay to put the public at risk.

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“You were five times the limit. You made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car, putting multiple people’s lives at risk.

“You have had chances of community-based disposals before. These charges reach the custodial threshold and I’m not convinced a community-based disposal will stop your offending.”

He was put behind bars for six months and disqualified from driving for 40 months.