THE PEOPLE of Glasgow have reacted following the news of the Batgirl film being scrapped. 

We reported earlier today that the DC production was being binned by Warner Bros after just months before its release. 

The project was filmed entirely in Glasgow and it is reported to have been budgeted at more than $70m (£58m).

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People of the city have shared their thoughts on the news via Twitter.

Jane Graham: "Sad that Batgirl has been binned. Mostly cos I saw them filming once and sacrificed my dignity by hanging around hoping I might be in the background. What a tragic waste." 

Kenny Stewart wrote: "Is there any way for Glasgow to take ownership of Batgirl and we’ll just put it on in our cinemas ourselves?"

Meanwhile, Julio Dos Santos added: "That's some amount of money they spent in that Batgirl movie they filmed up here, just to can it completely. Maybe we were too grim, even for Gotham." 

The city faced dozens of road closures as filming was taking place.

Glasgow Times:

Ser FluffyDug wrote: "So the #batgirl movie has been canned. Having watched Glasgow get shutdown, huge numbers of HGVs belching CO2, flights in and out, helicopters, the works, for weeks and weeks and no show at the end of it. Good to see that all that damage was worth it." 

Tony Blow said: "Remember how lots of Glasgow’s city centre was shut down for months on end while Warner Bros filmed the Batgirl movie? Look like they wasted all of our time."

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Cameron Clark added: "Interesting, so Batgirl has become a no-go. That bad huh? Considering how much time and effort and DISRUPTION it caused the people/local businesses in Glasgow, it's just...gone... no more. Yet Ezras Flash has the go-ahead?"

Meanwhile, others shared the devastation for the staff.

Michael Whitehouse wrote: "I really feel for everyone who worked on Batgirl. To have a huge project like that shelved after all that time and hard work put into it must be gut-wrenching. I hope it's released in some form in the future." 

Glasgow comedian Limmy also shared his thoughts. 

He wrote: "Just found out that Warner Bros won't be releasing the Batgirl film that was filmed in Glasgow cos the film is so s***e, and that Glasgow City Council had paid them £150,000 to film here. WE paid THEM?" 

Glasgow City Council confirmed that the £150k grant had not been paid.