THOUSANDS of drivers were caught speeding whilst temporary restrictions were put in place on Glasgow’s M8.

Several average speed cameras were erected and then activated on March 30, with a 40mph speed limit put in place.

The cameras remained active until July 2, for the safety of staff, who were undertaking road works between Cardonald and Braehead junctions.

Drivers were detected travelling at speeds up to 95mph.

Data obtained by the Glasgow Times through a Freedom of Information request has revealed that a total of 7003 motorists were caught speeding.

The figures were broken down by week.

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A total of 930 drivers were captured speeding between June 22-29 - the highest number over the 13-and-a-half weeks.

In the final four days of the cameras being enforced, 811 drivers were caught.

The lowest figure was in the first week of the new restrictions when 183 motorists failed to adhere.

This was followed by 317 offences between June 8-15.

Despite more than 7000 people being caught, only 2386 drivers have been issued a fine so far.

Thousands of drivers are still to be identified.

A 'Notice of Intended Prosecution' is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle following an offence being detected.

When the driver has been identified, they are then issued with a 'Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty Notice'.

However, if they have been excessively speeding, they will be reported directly to the procurator fiscal.

Note: NIP/COFPN figures are not yet complete given the time taken to identify drivers etc, hence these numbers appear lower the closer the offence date is to the current date

Alan Bowater, West Safety Camera Manager, said: “Although the majority of motorists travelled through the roadworks responsibly during the enforcement period, the Safety Camera Unit recorded more than 7000 offences of motorists travelling at dangerous speeds.

“Some were recorded travelling at speeds of up to 95mph, which is more than double the temporary 40mph speed limit in place.

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“With much of the maintenance work carried out through the night by the road workers, this is the time when speeding offences were found to be at their highest.

“By driving at these precarious speeds, motorists are showing no consideration for the greater risk they pose to the road workers as well as putting themselves and other road users in danger.”

The £2m works, undertaken by Amey, saw the refurbishment of three bridges and included bridge deck waterproofing, concrete repairs, parapet upgrades, drainage improvements and resurfacing works.

It is believed those who were captured by the cameras were handed three points and a £100 fine.

A few weeks ago, a Reddit user asked if anyone had heard of someone receiving a fine on the discussion website.

One person wrote: "Yes. Me. Average speed of 51mph and got hit with three points and £100 fine. Own bloody fault."

Another added: "Me as well. Average of 54mph at 1am when it was dead. Didn't realise there were cameras. Three points and £100. Own fault but lesson learned."