A candlelit vigil is to be held in Glasgow to remember those who have died in a drug-related death.

Last month it was revealed drug deaths in Glasgow hit a new record high with 311 men and women losing their lives, up 20 from the year before.

The vigil, organised by the recovery community in the city, will take place to mourn the loss of life and to highlight that drug-related deaths are preventable.

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The vigil will take place in George Square on Wednesday, August 31, at 7pm.

Recovery groups Sisco and Favor Scotland are among those bringing people together for the event.

The plan is for people who have lost someone to drugs to remember them and for the country to remember the thousands who have died.

Last year the total was 1330 in Scotland

Natalie Logan MacLean, chief executive of Sisco, said: “We need to mourn this and stop talking about it as a statistic. We need to feel the pain of this.”

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People who have lost loved ones will have the chance to speak about them in public at the vigil and state what they meant to them.

A vigil was held in 2019 when deaths hit a record level.

Since then the number of people who have died has increased even higher, despite the Scottish Government setting up a Drug Deaths Task Force and appointing a minister for drug policy.