EVERY heritage building owned by the council should be inspected to reassure residents they are safe, a councillor has recommended.

Work has begun to make Whiteinch Burgh Halls safe while a number of other disused buildings across the city are empty and people living nearby have been worried about their safety.

Eunis Jassemi, Labour councillor for Victoria Park, said immediate action is needed, while the councillor responsible for heritage assets said there was not enough money to deal with all the issues.

Last month the Glasgow Times highlighted the Burgh Halls and people living nearby fearful of water damage or fire with the building being derelict for years.

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Councillor Jassemi asked what protections and safeguards there are for council owned built heritage like Whiteinch Burgh Hall.

His suggestion was on the back of the “dilapidation” of the Burgh Halls and a structural report stating lack of investment was a problem.

He said: “It’s been left for far too long and is in a dire state and many residents are raising concerns.

“For too long there hasn’t been a proper plan to resurrect one of our treasured heritage buildings and the structural report demonstrates what years of under-investment and a lack of strategy in maintaining the building can do.”

He said the report stated a lack of investment led to the building’s “dilapidation”.

He asked: “Will the convener commit to having all council owned heritage properties to have an immediate full safety report so that assurances can be given not just for elected members but more importantly to our constituents who have to live next to them?”

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Kenny McLean, convener for built heritage and land use, told councillor Jassemi that it has been a problem for a long time in Glasgow.

He said: “Since 2013 Glasgow City Council has spent over £270m on heritage property projects in the city.

“However, the investment requirements in our heritage estate remain in excess of the funding available.”

He said the council was looking at other funding streams, such as The Heritage Lottery, that could help.

Councillor McLean said: “I am very much aware of the issues of the Whiteinch Burgh Halls."

He said he previously represented the area when first elected in 2007, adding: “The Burgh Halls at the time had been left empty for some considerable time.

“We now have a property and land strategy at the council, at that time we did not have such a strategy.

“We are now trying to pick up the reins of this. We’re trying to clear up the problems that have been created over the years of neglect that have built up.”