FILM negatives found on a city centre street are one step closer to getting back to their original owner.

We previously reported photographer Rhianonne Stone found the film lying on Bothwell Street in March and after scanning the pictures was trying to get them back to their original owner.

Now, one person featured in the photos has contacted the Glasgow Times with more information.

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Glasgow Times:

Gary Tipper, who lives in Manchester, says he was contacted by a former colleague on social media after she recognised him in the pictures shared in the article by the Glasgow Times.

Gary, who worked at the time for Murray Johnstone says the pictures are from work event which was held in Glasgow.

The company had offices on West Nile Street at the time.

Glasgow Times:

The 60-year-old said: “It must have been a firm get-together.

“We used to get everyone together once a year for a team event.

“It brought back a few memories.

“I started working for Murray Johnstone in the Manchester office in 1993, then the business got bought by Aberdeen Asset Management in 2000 and then I left time there in 2005.

“I’m still in touch [with former colleagues] and I sent it to quite a few people who are in the pictures, so we had a few laughs looking at how we all looked about 20 years ago.”

Glasgow Times:

Gary believes the pictures are from the early 2000s and they were possibly taken at the Hilton Glasgow on William Street.

Laughing, he added: “We’re definitely not a cult, but it made me laugh some people thought it was a cult.”

Gary also believes the pictures of people bowling are from a separate event, and that they were possibly taken by a company PA called Pamela who was based in Glasgow.

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Glasgow Times:

Rhianonne has been sharing her journey trying to track down the owners on social media and hopes she will be able to return the negatives because they “were obviously previous to someone at some point”.

She says it is “exciting” that the pictures have been seen by some of the people featured.

She said: “This is exactly what I wanted.

“I wanted to get these memories back to whoever they belong to.

“I’m thrilled, I’m just so excited to get them back to where they belong.”

She jokingly added: “I am gutted it’s not a cult, I’ll be honest, I was hoping for something juicer.”

Glasgow Times:

Do you recognise anyone in these pictures or know who they belong to? If so, contact