A TEACHER who hounded a schoolgirl for sex and said he wanted her to call him “daddy” has been struck off.

Alexander Lamont sent numerous lewd messages to the teen describing his graphic sexual fantasies towards the girl, who was 17 at the time of the offences, and told her he wanted to kiss her.

As previously reported by the Glasgow Times, accusations first took place in August 2018 when the pupil, who was then in her sixth year, acted as a teaching assistant within the man's second year class.

He referred to her as "glamorous and beautiful" in front of the S2 pupils and told her she looked "grown up" when she wore her hair up.

The teacher, who was working at a South Lanarkshire Council school at the time, was then found to have unnecessarily touched her on the neck, shoulders and elbow during the lesson.

One month later, he asked the girl to reveal any sexual assault experiences she may have suffered and whether she had a boyfriend in front of a class of S2 pupils.

He also gave her his personal email address, offered her earphones left behind by another pupil and said they should "go for drinks" when she left school.

Later, he "squeezed" the young girl's sides and touched her leg while in school.

When an S2 pupil told the teacher it would be inappropriate for the pair to strike up a relationship, the teacher told the child there wasn't "much of an age gap" between the two, adding that the schoolgirl was "mature" for her age.

A report by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) revealed the pair began emailing one another in October 2018 with the teacher allegedly claiming the pupil's mum would "crucify" him and report him to the educational standards body if she knew of their conversations.

In November 2018, he sent indecent videos and images of himself to the girl on Snapchat as well as calling her his "little secret".

Lamont told the pupil to delete any of their conversations, mocked her for not believing in casual sex and accused her of making a "drama out of nothing" when she told him she felt used and hurt by his behaviour.

He was found to have also given out his email to other pupils in fifth year and told the girl she could not "speak up".

He asked the schoolgirl if she was a virgin and told her her "bum looked nice in shorts".

The GTCS determined the teacher’s behaviour was at the “high end of misconduct” and there was a “lack of evidence” of insight or remediation.

It determined the teacher would be struck off with a two-year period before he could apply to become an educator once again.