After more than a week of glorious Scottish sunshine, we’re tentatively declaring the start of BBQ season.

Hoping to help avoid the pitfalls of undercooked sausages, overcooked chicken and hastily bought disposables that just can't quite seem to get the job done, we've enlisted the help of El Perro Negro founder Nick Watkins.

From a fail-safe marinade to unexpected revelations as to what he believes deserves a space on your BBQ, read on for the two-time winner of the UK’s Best Burger title’s top tips for al fresco grilling this summer.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: El Perro Negro founder Nick WatkinsPictured: El Perro Negro founder Nick Watkins (Image: Supplied)

Patience is a virtue:

“The big one that everyone messes up on, whether they’re out at the park with a disposable or at home with a portable, is not waiting until the coals are hot enough.

“As soon as the flames start roaring, people get impatient.

“You should always ensure that the coals have turned white before you put anything on the grill.

“It might seem obvious, but if you don’t it will totally taint the flavour.”

Reconsider your coal:

“We’re in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, so I’ll stress that this is not essential, but if you’re really into your cooking then you might want to invest in some good quality charcoal.

“It will go further, last longer and burn hotter than the cheaper stuff.

“Of course, there’s no point if you’re just away for an afternoon at Kelvingrove Park.

“It really just depends on how dedicated you are to the cause.”

Glasgow Times:

Invest in some new kit:

“If you’re not using a disposable, then a BBQ chimney will definitely be your friend.

“Pile up the coal, some form of kindling, and then stick the chimney on top.

“Because of their flue-like shape, they get the fire started and heat up your coals much faster.

“There are high-end versions, but others are relatively cheap and it’s a really handy little piece of kit.

"I absolutely swear by them.”

Skip the burgers:

“When you’re doing BBQs there’s always a temptation to chuck the sausages or some naff burgers on.

“I personally wouldn’t cook the burgers I make on a BBQ because the fat content is around 30 to 40%.

“Putting those directly onto a grill is going to turn into a flame display and leave you with an end result that’s burnt on the outside and raw in the middle.

“Unless you have a big cast iron pan or plate, similar to what Argentinians call a Chapa, that you can stick on top of the BBQ to even out the heat then I would keep it simple.

“There are very few things in the world that taste better than chicken thighs flattened out and cooked slowly with a little bit of Maldon salt.

"Add a squeeze of lemon juice to sharpen it up right at the end.

“It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Try a personal favourite:

“A huge winner for me personally, and something that I use often with BBQs, is Chimichurri.

“It’s a simple sauce that goes with all sorts of meat, whether it's chicken, fish or beef which I tried for the first time when I was still young enough to be going to music festivals.

"I remember walking through the grounds of Benicàssim in Spain and coming across this big, Argentine Grill.

"They were slicing from huge haunches of meat and sticking it into baguettes with a Chimichurri marinade on top.

“It’s essentially just a mix of oil, coriander, lemon juice, garlic, a little bit of chilli and some vinegar, but it's one of my favourite things in the world.”

Glasgow Times:

Grill your greens:

“Something that works really well on BBQs is a wedge of baby gem or romaine lettuce, with a little salt and oil, placed face down on the grill until it toasts up nicely.

“When it’s done, douse it in parmesan.

“Otherwise, a lot of vegetables like peppers and onions will grill really well.

"Toss them together with some bulgar wheat or cous cous to make a warm salad that’s really light and balances out all the meat.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail:

“Cool boxes or bags are pretty much essential if you’re away from the house.

“Where possible, you also want to have any sort of prep done in advance and boxed up ready to go.

“It will make the process so much easier when everything is up and running.

“And, always make sure you have a spare roll of bin bags to pick up any mess when you’re done.”

El Perro Negro is located at 152 Woodlands Road and is now serving a new Breakfast Club menu every weekend from 9am to 2pm.