The SNP’s deputy leader has been accused of sparking online “abuse” towards a charity following claims in the Scottish Parliament

Keith Brown had called out Conservative leader, Douglas Ross, in Holyrood, accusing him of trying to “discredit” Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone.

Brown told Holyrood that Ross had “pursued a misleading line of questioning” on the LEZ when he said the scheme was preventing a homelessness charity from doing its work.

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Ross had previously raised Homeless Project Scotland’ issue, stating it was forced to take vans off the road as they did not meet the emissions standards.

Brown said the Tory leader tried to “discredit the new low-emission zone in Glasgow”.

The SNP MSP added: “He (Ross) went on to heavily imply that the LEZ was condemning the charity to being unable to do the work that it wants to do.

“Of course, he failed to clarify that Glasgow City Council had, in fact, given an exemption to Homeless Project Scotland so that it could continue its work.”

But the charity has reacted, stating Brown’s statement was “inaccurate”.

It has taken issue with the MSP’s comments and has written to the Presiding Officer, Alison Johnson asking for Mr Brown to apologise.

In the letter, Colin McInnes chair of the charity, said Brown “grossly misrepresented our organisation”.

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He added: “Specifically, he stated that Glasgow City Council had granted us dispensation and had not prevented us from carrying out our work due to the implementation of the Low Emission Zone regulations.”

Mr McInnes said the statement is “entirely inaccurate”.

Homeless Project Scotland said they were allowed an exemption for one van and had to take three others off the road.

Colin McInnes, the charity’s Chair, said the statement led to “Twitter abuse and public attacks on facebook”.

It has called on Mr Brown to “publicly apologise for his misrepresentation of Homeless Project Scotland in the Scottish Parliament”.

Brown had asked the Presiding Officer said: “I ask whether you would grant Douglas Ross a personal statement, if he asked you for one, to allow him to correct the record and to explain why he pursued a misleading line of questioning in last week’s session of First Minister’s questions.

The SNP and Mr Brown's office has been contacted for comment.