An Environmental Impact Assessment into the demolition of four tower blocks in Glasgow should be carried out, according to campaigners.

They renewed their call after information from the risk register for the demolition shows the “volume of asbestos in the flats is unknown” at present.

Four 23-storey high rises are due to be brought down in Wyndford in the Maryhill area.

Wheatley Homes contracted a specialist firm to carry out an asbestos survey.

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The details of the risk register were asked for under freedom of information by campaigners attempting to stop the flats being demolished.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow has said a full investigation will happen once all tenants have been moved out. The housing association stated the demolition will be carried out safely and accused the protesters of “scaremongering”.

Under "risk", the report states "asbestos content within tower blocks".

The "issue" is stated as: “Unknown volume of asbestos which could lead to financial implications.”

Under "mitigation" it states: "ACS have been appointed to carry out asbestos demolition surveys and oversee the asbestos removals."

Under "Outcome and update" it states: “Some areas were identified as being unable to access but the financial risk has been absorbed by the tendering contractors.

“Still risk of unknown asbestos content to certain location from Health & Safety perspective.”

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Wheatley Homes Glasgow has planning permission to demolish the blocks and plans to build 300 new low-rise homes on the site.

It says the flats are no longer fit for purpose and there is little demand from people to be housed in them.

Sean Clerkin, of Scottish Tenants Organisation, which is calling for the flats to be retained obtained the information from Wheatley.

He said: “Our argument at judicial review for a full Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed demolition of the four Wyndford tower blocks is fully justified given the recent revelations that Wheatley Housing Group have stated in a recent freedom of information response that they do not know the volume of asbestos in the four Wyndford tower blocks to be demolished.”

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow, said: “The facts are this material was commonly used by housebuilders across the UK from the 1950s to the 1980s.

"As is common practice, an initial asbestos inspection was carried out, which identified very low risk. This will be followed - when the buildings are empty - by a full investigation and report."

"A licensed contractor has been engaged to remove and dispose the material in full compliance with health and safety regulations, ensuring no-one is at risk at any stage.

"No-one should be misinformed by a handful of activists seeking to scaremonger."

The campaigners want the demolition stopped and the 600 flats retrofitted to house homeless people and Ukrainian refugees.