Cleansing workers could take strike action this summer over a dispute with the council over new technology in bin lorries.

The GMB union has notified the council of its intention to ballot members on industrial action.

The union is in dispute over the introduction of the tablets it says is added responsibility while the council said it is part of the drivers’ duties.

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Chris Mitchell GMB convenor, said: “We have notified Glasgow City Council of a ballot on industrial action over the use of tech in cabs.

“We have tried engaging with the council to come up with a solution but now have to move to a ballot of members.”

He said the tablets they are being asked to use is new IT equipment and not current equipment covered by their contract.

He added: “This is intended to make long-term cuts and put more responsibility on the drivers.”

The tablets will be rolled out across the bin lorries to record incidents like unable to access bins or lanes or rat sightings.

The council said it is about getting information from the front line of the service to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

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A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “Staff have always been required to record issues in relation to their work, but new technology give us the ability to move on from filling in paper forms manually,

“Introducing easy-to-use tablets can help us run our services more effectively and address the problems that come with using paper forms.

“The range of data captured on the devices will be of great value to our teams and will help us deliver services for the city’s residents more efficiently.

“It is disappointing that the GMB have chosen to ballot this small group of employees as this issue has already been comprehensively reviewed and considered through our grievance procedures.

“It was concluded the use of the devices is in keeping with the role staff currently undertake and that they already paid appropriately for this work.”

The ballot will open on July 27 and run until August 14.