A mum has been left outraged after workers cut out mould from her bathroom and then stashed it behind a boxed-in panel.

The mum of three from Pollok contacted her landlord, Wheatley Homes Glasgow, about damp and mould in her home.

She has a child with a respiratory condition and it is feared the mould was making the illness worse.

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Wheatley Homes agreed to carry out work and moved the family out to a hotel for three days.

But when the family returned she found a section of plasterboard that had been removed, which was covered in black mould, and was left hidden behind a panel in the bathroom.

The tenant however has told Wheatley: “I am far from satisfied that four weeks later and walls within the bathroom are still wet.
“To find that the black mould was cut from the plasterboard is sickening.”
She added: “Samples taken after the work was done show there are still live mould spores.

“I’ve given them every chance to resolve this but they haven’t done it.”

 The landlord said there was no mould and the tenant was satisfied with the work.

The tenant had an independent assessor in to check for mould after the work was carried out.

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The inspection report concluded: “This property in its current condition will be causing a severe impact on the health of the current tenants, the tenants should be removed from this property as soon as possible to prevent further exacerbations of asthma symptoms and mould exposure symptoms until the property is brought up to standard and is a safe environment for the tenants to live in.

“This property does not adhere to the Scottish Tolerable Standard 2022.”

The mum also has a letter from her son’s consultant at the Royal Hospital for Children.

It states: “There is good evidence to support the dangers of exposure to black mould in contributing to asthma symptoms, therefore it is unwise to be continually exposed to untreated mould.

“There is also worrying evidence that there is an increased risk of asthma exacerbations which can be life-threatening in children if continual black mould is not addressed promptly.”

The doctor said if the problem can’t be resolved the family should be moved.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow said the home is mould-free after it carried out work using a spray system to kill mould.

A Wheatley Homes Glasgow spokesperson said: “There is absolutely no damp and mould in the home.

“We carried out repair work in the bathroom in August and this was completed to the tenant’s satisfaction.

“We were out again this week and we will install a fan, replace the bath and replaster some of the walls.

"We’ll also install an air monitoring system to allow the tenant to check the air quality and we’ve also arranged for a further independent survey to ensure nothing has been missed.

“The small pieces of rubble found behind the bathroom panel had already been treated and posed no risk. Nevertheless, they should not have been left there and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

However, the tenant said she is not satisfied, has lodged a formal complaint with Wheatley and reported the situation to the council's Environmental Health department.

She added: “I’m getting excuse after excuse. It is not good enough.”

The air quality inspection stated: "The mould, even after being treated is still biologically active which means that if they have not dried the building material correctly the moisture will be trapped behind whatever they have covered it with and will allow for further mould growth.”

The family has been assisted by the Scottish Tenants Association.

Campaign co-ordinator, Sean Clerkin, said: “To remove hazardous black mould and leaving the same black mould in the bathroom covering it over is clear and reckless endangerment to the lives of this family.

“It is imperative that this family are moved to different permanent accommodation within the Pollok area immediately.”