STAFF and pupils at an East End primary are celebrating following a glowing report card from inspectors.

The Education Scotland team praised Dalmarnock Primary in a number of key areas, highlighting “the relentless drive, focus and commitment of the headteacher” and “children who are very involved and highly engaged in their learning.”

The report added pupils are “eager to learn through the well-planned experiences teachers create for them” and “very articulate, confident and support one another very well in their learning.”

Glasgow Times: Some of the pupils celebrating their successSome of the pupils celebrating their success (Image: Dalmarnock Primary)

Inspectors also noted the teachers’ hard work in supporting children in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, and added: “These are having a positive impact in closing attainment gaps that senior leaders and teachers have identified as potential barriers to children’s progress and achievement.”

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Areas for improvement discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council included a requirement to “create more regular opportunities for teachers to engage with colleagues locally and nationally” which will help to “develop teachers’ professional judgment and confidence in making decisions around children’s progress.”

Glasgow Times: The staff are delighted with the reportThe staff are delighted with the report (Image: Dalmarnock Primary)

Headteacher Nancy Clunie said she was delighted with the report.

“It was a great pleasure to read the comments made by inspectors that the interventions we have carefully planned over a number of years are addressing the attainment gap,” she said. “Our staff are highly committed, and I believe this report demonstrates how valuable an asset this can be to any school.

“At Dalmarnock all staff - from our janitor and cleaning staff to our support workers and teachers - and our parent council and partners, care deeply about the pupils, which was a repeated theme in our report.”

She added: “I’m most proud of the comments reserved for the pupils. A school inspection can often be a time of heightened tension in a school community and this was no different. It is at times such as these that we remember why we strive to improve outcomes for children.

“Our pupils were noted as being very involved and highly engaged in their learning, something we see every day and perhaps take for granted. It was a joyous moment to be able to share with our pupils that others can see their worth in the same way that we do.”

Councillor Christina Cannon, Glasgow City Councik’s education convener, said: “It is a joy to read Dalmarnock’s school report and see how impressed the inspectors were when they visited.

“I love that many key areas are singled out for praise and that we have happy, confident learners who are soaking up the opportunities available by teachers.

“The school’s partnership work is highlighted as good practice and helping to equip the children with valuable life skills. Congratulations to the school community who have all contributed towards this amazing report.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.