Protesters disrupted a conference in Glasgow over the war in Gaza.

The State of the City Economy conference was interrupted on several occasions with people protesting at BAE Systems Managing Director of Naval Ships, Simon Lister, speaking on a panel with Susan Aitken, the leader of the council.

A small number of protesters stood outside the Radisson Blu Hotel where the conference was taking place.

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Inside the hall, five people stood up to call for the panel discussion to be halted and to criticise BAE.

BAE has been targeted by protesters who said the firm manufactures components for aircraft used by Israel to bomb Gaza in the war.

The protesters were allowed to make their points to the panel before being asked to leave and escorted from the venue.

After the first two protests, chair Greg Clark invited anyone else who wished to air their views to speak.

Another woman did and later two further protesters stopped the discussion to criticise BAE and also the panellists for sharing the platform.

Both Susan Aitken and Simon Lister responded to the protesters.

Aitken said: “My position is unequivocal. We almost unanimously backed a ceasefire in Gaza (at the council). I led that call.

“My position has not changed. The thousands of working people that BAE Systems employs have nothing to do with the actions of the Israeli government or the atrocities committed by Hamas.

“They deserve to have their future and what they are doing discussed as much as other people.”

Lister said: “Four thousand people work in BAE Systems (in Glasgow). Every one of them is appalled by the tragedy unfolding in Gaza and Israel.”