A MAN was dragged from his car after a thug ordered a dog to attack him.

Daniel Osborne, 26, was mauled by a Cane Corso dog named Diesel in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, on May 5 2022.

The one-metre-tall dog leapt up and tried to bite Mr Osborne on the arm through his open car window.

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The terrified victim tried to escape from the passenger side but was pulled from the car by Diesel who continued the vicious attack.

Mr Osborne was left with puncture marks to his bicep.

Brian Hoey, 36, pleaded guilty on Thursday mid-trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr Osborne to his injury.

The charge states that Hoey set a dog on Mr Osborne and repeatedly ordered it to pursue him.

It is said this caused Diesel to pursue Mr Osborne and bite him as well as attempted to bite him on the body.

Co-accused Ashley O'Donnell, 34, had her not guilty plea accepted by the Crown.

The trial was told in evidence by Mr Osborne that he was asked to deliver a package at the home of a woman he had never met before.

There was a dispute over money and Hoey - with who Mr Osborne had a previous falling out - appeared.

Jurors watched CCTV of the incident where the dog appeared from behind Hoey.

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Hoey told Diesel: "Get him, get him" and the dog reacted by attacking Mr Osborne.

Diesel attempted to bite Mr Osborne through his car window before he moved to the passenger side to get out.

The dog then grabbed Mr Osborne by the arm and sank its teeth into him.

Diesel then dragged Mr Osborne out the car before the victim ran away but he was pursued by the dog.

The dog attempted to bite Mr Osborne who was left with bite marks to his arm around the bicep.

Mr Osborne was heard screaming as Diesel repeatedly bit him again.

He was able to escape from the dog by climbing a six foot fence and hid before police officers arrived.

Mr Osborne did not require medical assistance and was treated at the scene.

Prosecutor Mark Allan told the court that the dog has been in kennels since the incident.

Ian McCelland, defending, said: "The dog belongs to his former co-accused.

"My client was only there for the night because of an argument that he had in his own home.

"He was there to stay and went back to his own home with his wife. He had no real prior involvement with the dog."