How you watch a film can make or break your experience which is why i jumped at the chance to try Odeon's new VIP bed in Glasgow's Quay. 

My love of films goes way back to the year 2000 when I first opened my eyes to the world and what it had to offer.

Growing to love the Pixar greats such as Monsters Inc, Nemo and Toy Story, and never wanting to leave to the trembling world of horror films that get the juices flowing is enthralling to be part of.

That is why films are a great source of entertainment to say the least.

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Glasgow Times:

I have to say however in all my years of watching films, being able to lay down and take in the action whilst stretching out is the ultimate viewing experience whilst having the option to fall asleep should you wish is top tier for me.

Glasgow Times:

That is why when the chance came up to review Glasgow Odeon's VIP Bed experience I jumped at it because the thought of stretching out across a bed in a cinema is a dream a 10-year-old Taylor would have asked for.

As I entered the lit doorways of the Odeon cinema just off Paisley Road I was sceptical about many things to do with the beds. 

How close were they to the screen? Would I get a sore neck? Are they comfy? 

After grabbing a large drink that would make me fidget towards to latter part of the film due to my bladder being full, I headed for the the ultimate seats. 

The tickets were a little steep if I were to be honest. Yes, they are deemed VIP seats but to pay £23 (for one person, £33 for two and £39 for three) to just lay down when I could have a reclining seat directly behind the beds for £15 is a bit excessive.

However, treating this as a special occasion as most people would use it, I was excited.

The beds were made from a soft velvet material but had a leather look. Armed with two pillows for each section of the bed it provided the necessary comfort for a cinematic adventure.

My film of choice for this? Everyone's favourite chocolate maker, Wonka!

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Throughout the film, I could feel myself sink into the bed and really enjoy the picture as if I was back at home. The pillows were the right amount to allow you to prop your head up from the hard backboard but not hurt your neck. 

I visited this with my partner, therefore there were two people on the bed which felt like plenty of room, however, three may be a squeeze in my opinion.

Overall, it is something that I would love to do again as it really did enhance the viewing experience for someone who loves being at their comfiest when watching films.

Despite the price being on the higher end, it would be done on occasions where the film merited it.

This is definitely something I feel was aimed at couples more but not limited to.

So, if you are looking for brilliant date ideas that may be a little different from the norm, or want to cosy up to watch a film outside the house, this is definitely the option for you.