The 30 best Glasgow restaurants to visit in 2024 have been revealed in a prestigious new list.

Eateries across the city were featured with spots in the Southside receiving particular praise.

Introducing the list, The Times newspaper said: "Once, all the good restaurants in Glasgow seemed to be in the West End.

"Both of the recently awarded Michelin-starred places are there right enough (and perhaps joining them soon, the incredibly well-priced 111 by Modou), but it’s the southside in particular, where start-up costs are lower, that the city’s novel interesting places are to be found now.

"Join the hungry young restaurateurs and their cosmopolitan customers breaking (artisan) bread over the river."

See the 30 best Glasgow restaurants you can visit in 2024

Cail Bruich in the city's West End was named the best restaurant in Glasgow with the reviewer commending "the care and creativity of the seven-course tasting menu" on offer there.

The full list and everything said about the restaurants can be found in The Times.

1. Cail Bruich

2. 111 By Modou

3. Gloriosa

4. The Gannet

5. Five March

6. Big Counter

7. Number 16

8. Pane e Vino

9. Epicures

10. La Lanterna

11. Eusebi Deli

12. Errol’s

13. Swadish by Ajay Kumar

14. Ka Pao

15. Little Hoi An

16. Elena’s Spanish Bar & Restaurant

17. Lobo

18. Porter & Rye

19. The Spanish Butcher

20. Crabshakk Botanics

21. Shucks Seafood and Bar

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22. Suissi Vegan Kitchen

23. Café Gandolfi

24. Sonny & Vito’s

25. Bramble

26. Haylynn Canteen

27. Singl-end

28. William Café

29. Cottonrake Bakery

30. Made from Grapes