FIREWORKS can be banned in parts of Glasgow this year and residents can apply for their community to be covered.

A Firework Control Zone (FCZ) can be declared to take in specific streets and public places, under new legislation.

It will be an offence for a member of the public to ignite a firework in a FCZ, including in a private garden, but sparklers are exempt.

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Also knowingly firing a firework into a controlled zone or recklessly throwing a lit firework into a zone will also be an offence.

Because a decision has to be made after consultation with the local community, applications for a controlled zone must be made months in advance.

For a ban to be in place for November this year to cover Guy Fawkes Night the request must be submitted by June 12.

An individual person cannot make a request, instead it should come from either a “community of residents, requiring 25 signatures, a community council or a welfare group".

The application must include the reasons for the controlled zone, the boundaries of the zone and the start and end dates of when the zone will be in place.

Before submitting a bid the applicant must consult with the people who live or work in the area and members of the local community in or near the proposed zone.

Residents in parts of the city have complained about excessive use of fireworks in the weeks leading to Bonfire Night.

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In Pollokshields last year, people were frustrated that new powers had not been used to restrict their use.

A council spokesperson said: “Firework Control Zones are part of a suite of measures to tackle firework issues and full details are now available to view on our website.

“FCZs will be enforced by Police Scotland and the council will oversee the process of designating zones in Glasgow in partnership with them and Scottish Fire and Rescue.

“Consideration of a community request will include analysis of a range of evidence relating to the proposed location, including if the request is proportionate and enforceable."

More details on how to apply for an FCZ can be found at