A RETIRED police officer claimed he was attacked by a woman after a Jersey Boys performance.

Alistair Malcolm, 59, claimed he was hit with blows and clawed on the face at Glasgow's Kings Theatre on April 19 2022.

Mr Malcolm - a former officer for 30 years - stated that alleged assault happened after warning women of their etiquette.

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Lorna Carmichael, 43, is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court accused of assaulting Mr Malcolm to his injury.

Co-accused Ann Gillespie, 52, is alleged to have assaulted Mr Malcolm's daughter Alison Malcolm on the same occasion.

The pair, of the city's Garthamlock and Germiston, face separate charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

The court heard from Mr Malcolm who stated he attended the evening performance with his wife, sister, and two of his three daughters.

Mr Malcom claimed that he was aware that "something had happened" but did not see it due to his seat position.

At the end of the performance, the witness claimed that he waited on his wife who went to the toilet.

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Mr Malcolm said that there were three women on the landing at the stairs.

He stated: "One in particular was looking back and looked angry to me.

"She was shouting something back towards where we were standing."

Mr Malcolm claimed that he exchanged "verbals" with the woman.

He added: "I remember I said to her at one point about common decency and theatre etiquette - that didn't please her."

The witness further stated that the woman told him that they were "enjoying themselves" which he allegedly replied: "You are just drunk."

Mr Malcolm claimed that the woman then "lunged" at him which caused him to fall on the stairs.

The witness stated that the woman's body was on top of his legs which pinned him down.

He said: "I just wanted to try and back away rather than push her away.

"At that point she still had a hold of me and I could feel a few blows and scratching to my head.

"I could feel she was trying to get her nails in my eye socket - I spent my time holding her hand away."

Prosecutor Gail Campbell asked the witness how he felt at the time.

He replied: "Shocked that something like that happened at the theatre on a Tuesday night or at all. I was quite shocked.

"Perhaps with my previous employment I could deal with it better than some."

Mr Malcolm stated that the incident was split up by members of staff and the police also attended.

The court was shown images of Mr Malcolm with apparent red marks and scratches to his face and head.

Neal McShane, defending, asked the retired officer if he had called the women "three drunken s***ts."

Mr Malcolm replied: "I never said that."

It was also suggested that Mr Malcolm pushed one of the women's 70-year-old mother down stairs which sparked the incident.

Mr Malcolm again denied the allegation and also refuted punching the woman he had been involved with.

The trial continues before Sheriff David Taylor in June.