Music lovers can now see and share their top ten tracks on Spotify with N-Gen art.

Fans of the streaming platform are no strangers to seeing their listening habits take weird and wonderful forms.

Users have been able to access their-party features and see their stats as pie charts, festival line-ups, icebergs and more.

There was even a trend where an AI chatbot could 'Judge My Spotify' and it didn't hold back.

Here's how you can use N-Gen Art to create your unique soundwaves so that you share and compare your results with the internet.

How to use N Gen to share your Spotify top ten

1. Visit the N Gen Art website

2. Log in to your Spotify account through the 'Connect Spotify' button

3. Give N-Gen permission to access your Spotify account data and activity by  selecting the 'Agree' button

4. Once you're redirected to the N-Gen website, you'll have a choice of creating a 'Top Ten', 'Bloom' or 'Chords' artwork

5. Once you've selected the Top Ten option, N-Gen will generate your unique ranking with each song being paired with a soundwave and 'vibes' or genres they fit into

6. You can adjust your input so that it selects your top tracks from the last month, from 'all time' as well as your most recently played tracks. You can also jump between your preferred playlists

7. Once you're happy with you 'input', you can adjust the 'output' too by choosing to show your username as well as change your background, text and wave colours.

8. After this, you can save your artwork directly, share the care on your social media and add it to N-Gen's choice of galleries.


For more information and to try the other N-Gen Art formats, visit the N-Gen Art website.