Young patients at a Glasgow hospital were given the Hollywood treatment this week with a very special film premiere.

Staff at the Royal Hospital for Children helped to create a red carpet buzz by screening Disney and Pixar’s new Lightyear movie in their state of the art MediCinema and handing out VIP goodie bags.

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Glasgow Times: Pictured: A special screening at the Royal Hospital for Children's MediCinemaPictured: A special screening at the Royal Hospital for Children's MediCinema

In the audience were eight-year-old Jack Murnaghan and his mum Kirsty O’Shea.

Jack was an inpatient at the RHC for two weeks, with the premiere of Lightyear marking his last night in hospital.

Kirsty, from Glasgow, said: “He loved every minute of it and I think all of the other children did too. To see the difference in all of their faces was great, everyone was smiling and happy.

"He was so delighted to get to see the film before everyone else and he loved the goodie bag too.”

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Glasgow Times: Pictured: Eight-year-old Jack MurnaghanPictured: Eight-year-old Jack Murnaghan

It was a huge night for Jack who was told following the film that he would soon be returning home to stay with his brothers Liam and Ethan.

Kirsty said: “Now when Jack is talking about his time in hospital he is saying ‘I got to see the new Lightyear film before everyone’ and is telling our family all about that, instead of test and scans.

"The staff at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow have been amazing, they all took the time to get to know Jack and to go to this effort for the children, I can’t thank them enough.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Brooke, mum Paula and a member of RHCPictured: Brooke, mum Paula and a member of RHC

Children and their families were able to see the new film a full three days before it hits cinemas across the UK thanks to support from the Glasgow Hospital Children’s Charity, the MediCinema charity and Disney.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The state of the art MediCinema at RHCPictured: The state of the art MediCinema at RHC

Kirsten Watson, CEO, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity said: “It’s such a thrill to host the premiere of Lightyear at the MediCinema here in Glasgow, as we recognise 13 years of supporting this incredibly important service.

"It’s all the more special as this is the first time in two years that we’ve been able to open the MediCinema to its full capacity, which means that as many children as possible can enjoy the experience.

"It really does make the children feel like VIPs to see a movie before their friends, even though they’re in hospital.

"We’d like to thank all of our generous donors and partners for contributing to the MediCinema so generously, and for the impact, this has had on so many patients.”