A young asylum seeker was reportedly left without accommodation or money for food for nine months after arriving in Glasgow.

Harun Ali, 23, fled Iran last year after facing persecution for being part of a Kurdish revolutionary group, the Komala Party, which opposes the country’s Islamic regime.

He managed to reach the UK last October thanks to his brother-in-law’s connections, after the Iranian regime raided his home.

Glasgow Times: Harun Ali, 23, fled to the UK to escape persecution in Iran.Harun Ali, 23, fled to the UK to escape persecution in Iran.

Harun is of Kurdish ethnicity, which, according to Amnesty International, has suffered a long history of discrimination and human rights abuses in Iran.

However, after a difficult journey, Harun has been facing even more hardship as the support he was entitled to reportedly never arrived.

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“At present, I do not have a future here in Glasgow, because of the huge delay with the Home Office," he told the Glasgow Times.

“I feel neglected and unheard. I feel like my human rights are being breached due to me having to beg and plead whilst living in harsh conditions to be able to get some food.

“My mental health is deteriorating day-by-day, and I feel as though I am getting worse as time goes on.

“Sometimes I struggle to sleep for days at a time and have been unable to get any help except for medication, which is not working.

“I am not getting the correct help and support that I require from those who are supposed to help me.”

Harun said the Home Office had granted him support under section 95 in February.

According to the UK Government website, this provides housing and a weekly payment of £40.85 to a person who has claimed asylum.

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However, he said he only started receiving payments three weeks ago and he still faces being made homeless as a friend who has been supporting him so far can no longer house him.

He said: “A charitable man has been helping me with the very basics such as accommodation and sometimes even basic food.

“If I did not have his support, I do not know what would happen to me, but I cannot keep relying on this individual as he has his own expenses and life to live.

“He has also advised me that I will need to move out of his flat where I have been living so far.

“I feel the Home Office are ignoring me and I don’t know what to do next.”

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Harun said he contacted the Home Office multiple times with no results and is still waiting for his asylum interview.

He also claimed the Home Office misspelled his name and noted the wrong date of birth, which he was told can only be amended by presenting his documents.

However, trying to retrieve them would mean endangering Harun as well as his family, with whom he has since lost all contacts.

“They want evidence but I don’t have anything to prove it,” he added.

“Because the terrorist and brutal regime of Iran monitors all communications of all citizens, if I get in touch with anyone I would be putting them in danger as I am a vivid opponent of the Government.”

Harun has also sought the support of local politicians, securing a meeting with the MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Kaukab Stewart.

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She said: “The UK asylum system clearly does not work, nor does it put human rights and dignity at the forefront.

“As an MSP I find it very frustrating that most of the policies and procedures surrounding asylum seekers and refugees are reserved which means I am unable to help as much as I would like to.

“I work very closely with Alison Thewliss MP, who pursues cases with the Home Office and we aim to provide as compassionate and supportive a response as possible.”

Thewliss said: "Mr Ali has been assured that his case has been raised with officials at the Home Office and my office has been awaiting their response.

“Unfortunately, lengthy delays and errors on the part of the Home Office are not unusual.

“I have raised these issues in Parliament on numerous occasions, along with the wider concerns around the UK Government’s hostile environment to immigration policy.

“Mr Ali’s treatment as an asylum seeker by the Home Office has been appalling. I will continue to fight for better treatment for him and other constituents affected by their policies."

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Asylum seekers are eligible to receive financial support and accommodation but the asylum system is facing unprecedented demand which has impacted the speed at which accommodation can be provided.  

“Through our New Plan for Immigration we are fixing the broken asylum system to make it firm and fair, ensuring it is compassionate towards those who need our help, whilst seeking to stop abuse of the system.”