A kind stranger has made their mark in the Govan community after cutting the grass in the rose garden in Elder Park.

Volunteers noticed the freshly trimmed landscape at the weekend and were quick to express their gratitude.

The surprise act of kindness came as local group Friends Of Elder Park had asked Glasgow City Council to do some maintenance work in the garden ahead of this Sunday's Communi-T In The Park event.

They claim the council workers trimmed the green space, but excluded the rose garden, which is run by volunteers.

Following this, a mystery Govan resident took it upon himself to help out.

In a social media post, the group said: "Some angel cut the grass! Thank you so much, that's real community pride for you.

"We were still waiting for the council to do it."

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Glasgow Times: Govan's Elder Park after the cutGovan's Elder Park after the cut

Glasgow Times: Before the cutBefore the cut

Katharine McNab, committee member and volunteer at the organisation, said: “We have got the local councillors to request that Glasgow City Council cut the grass because it was getting very long.

“They cut all the grass and left the rose garden. We have an event this Sunday in the park, when there will be music and food in the park, so we specifically requested that the council come out and prep the grass.

“They still [hadn't done it] last week, but on Sunday, we noticed that half the grass has been cut.

“And we were told by a regular in the park that a very kind gentleman got his lawnmower out and cut the grass for us.

“Last night, we noticed that the council have now actually cut the other half of the area.

“We are just happy that it’s looking a lot tidier than it was. The grass was nearly a foot high in some places.

"Unfortunately, we don't know who this man is but we are very grateful that he took his own time to help us out."