Free Zumba classes are bringing exercise and worry-free childcare to North Glasgow parents.

New Rhythms for Glasgow, which seeks to use music, art and movement to support locals in the community, has teamed up with the Partick Thistle Charitable Trust to introduce 45-minute Zumba classes to the Springburn area.

The classes, which aim to alleviate the worry of finding childcare and time to stay fit, allow for parents to bring along their children while they exercise.

Glasgow Times:

Kirsteen Marshall, service manager at New Rhythms for Glasgow, told the Glasgow Times: "We've noticed that it is an issue for parents to access the childcare to attend fitness classes.

"As well as this, we've found that Springburn is the most difficult community to get into physical fitness.

"All of these were sort of what led to the idea of this."

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Glasgow Times:

The classes began this week and will take place every Monday at 6.30pm at the Petershill Sports Complex.

Kirsteen said: "This is a way for parents to get fit and socialise with others without having to worry about childcare.

"This way parents can get fit, and the children can be there.

"We want to help boost those endorphins and make parents feel fit and happy."

Kirsteen added that whether a parent has an older child or a kid in a pram or car seat, they can come along.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "The kids can join in if they want, or we will provide headsets for them to listen to the music and things like that.

"Parents can even just set their kids at the side and let them have a little sleep or whatever.

"At the end of the day, if children see their parents engaging in something healthy and good for them, it encourages them."

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Glasgow Times:

The classes are set to run indefinitely, so long as demand and funding are there.

Diane Scott, Partick Thistle Charitable Trust manager, said: "There are so many benefits to keeping yourself fit and healthy, even making small bite-sized changes can make a massive difference to how you feel.

"The situation is, we all know how important exercise is for our mental and physical health but there are so many barriers that can stop people from being able to take that time to do it.

"That’s why we are here, to break down some of those barriers, more specificity cost and childcare, and make a difference in people's lives.

"Even if we help one person become healthier and happier it makes it all worthwhile."

To contact New Rhythms for Glasgow, click HERE or call them on 0141 557 1123

The classes can also be attended by non-parents.