Lewis Capaldi's fans recently sang the end of one of his songs as he was experiencing Tourette's tics on stage.

The singer is currently on tour and performed in Frankfurt this week, when a TikTok went viral of the audience finishing Someone You Loved to support him.

In the video, the 26-year-old can be seen as he is experiencing tics while performing, but the fans step in and sing the song in a heartwarming gesture.

The viral footage has over 5 million views.

@katharina.shry we support you!! @Lewis Capaldi #konzert #frankfurt #lewiscapalditour #foryou #fyp ♬ Originalton - 🤍

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People expressed their fondness of both the singer and the situation in the comments.

One person said: "Everyone singing is a blessing to this world. Thank you."

Another commented: "He makes me melt. This is so raw and beautiful."

A third added: "Not me learning he has Tourette's! Wow. This song is even more beautiful."

The star has been open about his Tourette's Syndrome.

Most recently, he made a video in response to concerns for his well-being to reassure fans that he is alright.

He said: "I've got Tourette's so I'm just twitching quite a bit but it's not an issue in the slightest. I'm absolutely fine.

"It's just that this happens when I get tired, nervous, excited or whatever so it just gets more intense."