A woman's life has been completely changed after receiving a kidney from her friend.

Lois Denham, 50, from Paisley, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease when she was just eight years old.

After continuously deteriorating over many years, Lois found herself in a state of constant fatigue and severe sickness.

However, after meeting Josh Hall at the Love Church in Glasgow and Paisley eight years ago, Lois's life was "saved".

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Glasgow Times:

Speaking to the Glasgow Times, Lois said: "Josh saved my life and I can’t put into words what it is he’s done for me.

"Nothing I could ever do in the rest of my life could repay him enough.

"I know that it is and will continue to be the best gift I’ve ever received.

"Life has completely changed.

"What he did for me, and my family, was quite simply amazing.

"Also, Josh's wife Erica has been 100% in agreement throughout which is also so amazing, they are some pair."

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Glasgow Times:

Josh decided to help Lois back in July of last year, after being "unable" to shake the feeling that he would be able to help.

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The 29-year-old from Clydebank said: "I couldn't shake the desire to see if I would be a match and as it turned out, I was.

"As a Christian, I totally believe that we look for "miracles" or the supernatural but there is nothing more miraculous than love.

"It was a no-brainer (for me).

"Even the doctors said, 'it's almost like you were supposed to give one away'."

Glasgow Times:

After Lois and Josh, as well as their partners, agreed to the procedure, Josh started the process of being assessed as a living donor.

In December 2022 Josh was officially approved for the transplant, which took place on January 17.

Lois said: "I have a new lease on life because of Josh's sacrificial giving, and life has already changed.

"The toxins in my blood were over 1000 and a normal level is below 120 I now am about 70-80 which is remarkable.

"I’m sharp in my thinking, no longer have fatigue or sickness.

"There is a journey of recovery to go but I’m doing really well."

Glasgow Times:

Josh and Lois's friendship has also been enhanced following the procedure.

Lois said: "We will forever have a bond.

"A couple of days after our transplant he popped to see me in my room, and I was calling the transplanted kidney his kidney he corrected me and said 'no it’s your kidney now - I was just looking after it."

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Josh added: "Our relationship was always close but going through something like this together naturally adds a new level.

"It has been such a joy and an absolute privilege to make a difference not just in Lois' life but also her family."

Glasgow Times:

Both Josh and Lois are doing very well following the procedure.

Josh said that they are recovering well, and everything seems to be working as it should.

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The pair also commended the living donor team and surgical team at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, who were "superb", as well as their partners Craig and Erica.

Lois added: "We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

"We are both so grateful and the care we both have and continue to receive is nothing other than phenomenal." 

To find out more about the living donor donation process, click HERE