A Glasgow man demanded action over patches of tall grass, which he claims are dangerous.

Raymond Petrie, 59, who lives near Darnley, said he has been noticing weeds that are almost 6 ft tall in the Southside.

The resident of over 20 years is particularly concerned about the central reservation on Peat Road, near Silverburn Shopping Centre in Pollok.

Glasgow Times: Raymond Petrie on Peat RoadRaymond Petrie on Peat Road (Image: Colin Templeton)

He said: "If you are looking over to the other side, all you can really see is car roofs.

"You can't see the full car, it's that bad.

"As far as drivers are concerned, it's a hazard.

"If you come out of a side street, you have got to look left if traffic is coming and sometimes you can't see the cars because of the height of the grass.

"It's going to cause an accident eventually.

"I have been noticing it for a while but the other day when I was driving, I couldn't believe how bad it was.

"If I had a relative coming from abroad, I would be embarrassed to take them around my local area.

"And I don't think that should be the case."

Glasgow Times: Raymond Petrie, standing in the overgrown grassRaymond Petrie, standing in the overgrown grass (Image: Colin Templeton)

Glasgow City Council maintains the public area and is responsible for trimming the vegetation.

About the obligation, Mr Petrie said: "I have been reading that they are thinking of putting up the Council Tax but I feel as if they have cut back on services.

"I know there is a lot of stuff going on since Covid but I'm wondering where all the money is going."

As the Glasgow Times reported at the time, if reports turn out to be true, the local authority tax is going to go up by as much as 22% for the highest band.

In Glasgow this year, Council Tax increased by 5%.

Glasgow Times: Raymond Petrie in PollokRaymond Petrie in Pollok (Image: Colin Templeton)

A spokesperson from Glasgow City Council said: “Cutting grass on the central reservation on Peat Road was scheduled for the end of June, but unfortunately had to be delayed due to the impact of temporary road restrictions in the area.

“To allow staff to work safely on the Peat Road central reservation, a road closure is required but with other restrictions in place in the area when work was originally scheduled, we didn’t want to add further pressure to the local roads network.

“Grass cutting along Peat Road is now programmed for the coming week and work to maintain verges and central reservations in other parts of the southside is ongoing.

“We continue to provide a grass-cutting service across the city in line with our available resources.”