A man threatened police by claiming he had a knife after they were called to a disturbance.

James Mitchell, 28, was scheduled to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, however, he did not show up.

This comes after he pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner and repeatedly slamming a window, as well as kicking doors, pacing around, shouting and swearing.

He also admitted to being aggressive towards police officers, refusing them entry, threatening them and pretending to be in possession of a knife.

Sentence was previously deferred for good behaviour.

The court heard that a neighbour called 999 around 8pm on  September 12, 2022, after hearing a disturbance in the communal close of a Carmunnock Road building.

This sounded like banging and kicking and went on for approximately 40 minutes, leaving her nervous and fearful.

Cops arrived around 8.50pm, when Mitchell was in his flat, banging his windows open and shut.

The neighbour could also hear him smashing items within his home.

Mitchell, from Castlemilk, then returned to the common close and began pacing up and down.

When officers spotted him on the second floor, he screamed at police and slammed his door shut.

Loud banging and scrambling noises were also heard.

Then, he opened the door and stated: “F**k off, you aren’t f*****g getting in here”, “f******g come in here and see what happens”.

Mitchell refused to engage and stepped back from the door, shouting: “Come on then, in you come”.

Police entered and he shouted: “You don’t know what I have got in my pocket, I have got a f*****g knife, let’s go”.

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Officers noticed that his right hand was moving inside his pocket and he was angling at the police as they repeatedly asked him to remove his hand, which he refused.

One police officer drew her baton and another instructed him to remove his hand to show what he was concealing, again.

Mitchell was warned that the baton would be used.

He then threw items from his pocket to the ground, including a lighter. He was not in possession of a knife.

Mitchell still refused to engage with officers. He was cautioned and charged and made no reply as he was taken to London Road police station.

Sheriff Mark Maguire said: "This must have been terrifying for the neighbours. His record previously is assault."

Sentence was deferred for his personal appearance.