A woman appeared in court after biting an officer on her foot and kicking off multiple times.

Nicole McKerral was due in Glasgow Sheriff Court this week after previously pleading guilty to several offences.

These included carrying a knife, pushing and pulling away from police officers, resisting arrest, shouting and swearing, trying to run away, biting an officer on the foot and attempting to bite her on the body.

The 30-year-old also failed to appear at the court eight times previously.

Sheriff Bernard Ablett heard that on August 25, 2021, police were called to Keith Street in the West End around 7.30pm.

When officers tried to speak to McKerral, she began shouting and swearing and tried to run away. Due to this, cops held her by the arms.

She attempted to bite a cop in the hand.

She was arrested, taken to the ground and handcuffed.

McKerrell then bit an officer on her foot, through her shoe. She was placed in a police vehicle and taken to Govan police station. 

The court heard of three more times she was arrested.

At Foulis Lane in Anniesland at 9.20am on July 26, 2021, she pushed officers to try and stop them from putting handcuffs on her.

Then, at 1.40am on September 14, 2021, she was spotted lying on the pavement on Anniesland Road, and police recovered a kitchen knife with a five-inch blade from her pocket.

Finally, at 11.20am on August 15, 2022, McKerral swore and shouted at cops “I am warning yous not to come in” as they tried to evict another person at Spiershall Close in Yoker.

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McKerral's lawyer said: "She is 30 and resides at her mother’s address. She accepts full responsibility.

"What is clear is that for all of this, she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"She was in a very difficult relationship. Her circumstances have changed significantly. She has removed herself from the relationship. She seems to be settled and she is now in another relationship.

"She is still using drugs when she has money but it is not as chaotic as it was during this period of time.

"She had a fairly difficult childhood. She is unable to do unpaid work. She is suitable for a restriction of liberty order."

Sentence was deferred for more information, pending reports.