Michael Matheson will make a statement on his £11K iPad roaming charges today in Holyrood.

The Presiding Officer has accepted a request from the Health Secretary to make a personal statement to the Chamber.

Matheson is under pressure to reveal what he used the iPad for while on holiday in Morocco over the Christmas and New Year break last year.

The MSP will make a statement today at 2pm in the Scottish Parliament.

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Matheson has insisted it was used for parliamentary purposes and he made a mistake in not changing the sim card when he should have.

He has agreed to repay the money he initially billed to the Scottish Parliament on his MSP expenses.

He racked up a bill of £11k over six days in December and January.

The charges include £7,000 worth of data used on January 2, a  public holiday in Scotland.

First Minister Humza Yousaf has backed his health secretary stating that now he has agreed to pay the money the matter should be at an end.

But opponents want to see evidence that he used the device for parliamentary business and say he should hand the iPad over to Holyrood IT chiefs to check its browser.