A Glasgow pensioner has been left fearing that 'someone will die' if the faulty lights in his building remain 'unfixed'. 

Hugh Murray, 72, was feeling 'dreadful' as he spoke to the Glasgow Times on the seventh day of his building being in 'total darkness'.

He has been left fearing his own safety and that of others in the building. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The Bridgeton local said: "This situation is an absolute horror story. 

"There are four flights of stairs in this building and since last Tuesday (November 14) we have been in total darkness. 

"I'm 72, I've previously had a heart attack and I'm scared for my own health

"We have people here that have their own health problems and one of the residents has a four-month-old baby.

"Would you like to go up four flights of stairs with a pram and newborn in the pitch black?

"Someone could get killed. I have the fear I'll come home and someone will have broken their neck." 

Glasgow Times:

Though the building is classed as private property, with Hugh as chairman of the building, he said Glasgow City Council have a contract with the premises. 

Hugh claims that a series of three electricians under council employment came to the building between Tuesday and Saturday, with each claiming the problem had been fixed after every visit. 

However, it was not. 

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Hugh said: "It's ridiculous that three people came out and had no way of fixing it. It makes me question the integrity of the electricians. 

"I just want a quiet life and this is a horrible situation.

"They told me at one point that we weren't a priority. Does it take a woman to fall downstairs with baby for them to pay attention? They need to help us now."

Glasgow Times:

When the lights failed to come on following their 3.30pm timer on Friday, Hugh had simply had enough. 

But as he tried to call the council to resolve the matter, it appeared that the building's account had been allegedly 'suspended'. 

Glasgow Times: The note given to HughThe note given to Hugh (Image: Newsquest)

Hugh explained: "The electrician came on Friday and after he left, the lights still hadn't come on at 3.30pm. 

"I had got a note through my door saying that my services would be suspended as off December 1, but I have no idea who sent that note. 

"I phoned the council to discuss the note and I was told my account was already suspended. They wouldn't tell me why. They directed me to someone to help me with the problem, but he is on annual leave. 

"It's all going round in circles, it's just ridiculous and someone could get killed. 

"They need to come out and help us. They can't leave people living like this any longer. It's ridiculous; being suspended when we've done nothing wrong.

"The crux of the matter is that if we are suspended and can't call, then we can't get the problem fixed. That's the real problem here." 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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Hugh claims that the lights still aren't working, and are only temporarily operational. He said that the lights came on Saturday, but went off as early as 2am.

They are on a routine timer and are meant to go off at 7.30am. 

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: "Our team attended at this address on Friday morning last week (November 17) and when they left, the stairwell lights were in a working condition with the timer set correctly.

"Since last Friday we have received no further contact from residents at this address.

"But we are happy to revisit the address and make a further check on the condition of the stairwell lights."