James guitarist, Saul Davies, has revealed that he loves coming to Glasgow as he gets called “big man despite being small."

“I love the big man talk, I’m quite small so I just love it,” Saul told the Glasgow Times. 

He added: “When I’m in Glasgow, I’m sure I will come across a bunch of mad James fans who will be giving it the ‘alright, big man’ chat and it will be great.

“I think Glasgow is one of the few places where what looks like aggression is actually an invitation. People get right in your face and then ask if you want to go for dinner – it’s mad really.”

Glasgow Times:

The Sit Down hitmakers will be travelling to the city this June, as part of their “Scottish summer jaunt,” as Saul puts it. 

Armed with “B-sides, new songs and old classics”, the band are set to take the OVO Hydro stage by storm on June 7, following shows in the likes of Aberdeen and England. 

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The group have played the iconic West End venue several times, after migrating from the SEC Armadillo. 

“I love Glasgow, it’s a great city,” Saul said. 

He continued: “People in Glasgow go mental, so the gig will be good. I’m sure there will be a full room, a big buzz and it will be a typically ragged and joyous affair, no doubt.

“There’s a response of passion to our music in Glasgow that you seldom find elsewhere. It’s hardcore. 

“These are people standing in front of you and they are going to f****** go for it and get everything out of it. It is a legendary thing.”

Glasgow Times:

Having been “teetotal for the last 16 years”, Saul even joked that he would give attendees a lift home after the show. 

“I’m the designated driver, and I love it. I drive anybody anywhere. In fact, if anyone needs a lift after this Glasgow gig, I can certainly take them,” the 58-year-old said. 

Beyond the music, Glasgow is also special for Saul seeing as his gran was from Southside’s very own Govan. 

So, what does he plan to do when he steps back into the city?

“I’ll probably go to Tchai Ovna and have some hearty food,” he said. 

He added: “I’ll also go for a run too, I think. I like to run when I’m in other cities.”

Glasgow Times:

James’ gig, which will be supported by Indie megastars, Razorlight, will follow the release of the band’s 18th studio album, Yummy, which is set to drop on April 12. 

 “I like this record – it’s really different. But, it is a typical James record in the sense that there is a lot of diversity in it,” Saul explained. 

He continued: “It will be really good getting the album out into the world

“There are some good songs on this record, they’re quite joyous and they represent a new mini phase. 

“We genuinely think we could get a number one record here – and that would be an amazing thing. It would also be a testament to the relationship we have with our fans and their ongoing commitment to us, which is pretty great.” 

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Though the group formed way back in 1982, Saul added that creating records and performing live is still “very much enjoyable”. 

Hel explained: “You make a band and hope somehow somebody will hear you. Now, it’s 42 years later, and it is quite remarkable that we are here at all and that we have the connection that we do with a reasonable number of people who get us.”

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