TRAVIS frontman Fran Healy said the band will "try to blow The Killers off stage" during their upcoming shows.

The Glasgow singer told Chris Moyles on Radio X that they will do their best supporting the Las Vegas indie rock band.

The host joked: "You’re going to be performing with a band – I’ve never heard of these people. They’re called The Kyllers? Koolers? Killers. That’s it.”

Fran said: “They’re some little band from Las Vegas.”

Dominic Byrne added: “It’s good that you can support people like this, Fran. I think it’s important to give people a leg up.”

The musician said: “Yeah, I texted Brandon [Flowers] and I was like ‘I hope you know that we are going to be trying to blow you off the stage every night'."

Chris asked: “How long do you guys go back?"

Fran replied: "Well, a long time actually. Longer than I even know, because ... the first we met was at Live 8.

"It was one of these shows where all these young guys and girls came to, and a lot of bands happened after that gig.

"And The Killers were one of those bands. And Brandon was saying that when they first started rehearsing, they covered Side, it was one of their cover songs.”

Chris said: “I’d love to hear that.”

Fran added: “So, it goes back a very long way."

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Glasgow Times: Chris MoylesChris Moyles (Image: Supplied)

Chris added: “It really does. So, you’re performing with The Killers when they tour the UK and Ireland, which is through June and July, and then when are you guys going to go out, because you guys have got to go out and play the album, right?”

Fran responded: “Yeah, which is really nice, because we didn’t get a chance to do a tour the last time because of all the madness.

"We haven’t announced it yet, so I don’t know what on earth we’re doing, but I absolutely know for sure we are going everywhere this time; we are not leaving a single stone unturned. The album is going to be kind of one of those records that needs to be played live.

"We can’t wait to get out and hit it!”