A popular photographer has captured stunning images of the new Glasgow Subway trains, as the old fleet has officially retired from service.

Luke Agbaimoni, founder of the Tube Mapper Project, said it was a “pleasure” to visit the Subway, and that he had wanted to explore other countries since he first started the project in London.

“It started when my first child was going to be born and I was afraid that I'd have no time for creative photography – so I started to document my journey to work and home,” Agbaimoni said.

“It was a pleasure visiting the Glasgow Subway, the third oldest underground railway in the world.

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(Image: Luke Agbaimoni)


(Image: Luke Agbaimoni)

“It's small but very well formed and much busier than I thought it would be.

“The tube etiquette is different from London as the platforms are more narrow, people hold back where possible or walk to the ends of platforms.

(Image: Luke Agbaimoni) (Image: Luke Agbaimoni)

“It has a different atmosphere to London, and because of its simplicity it’s very efficient and mostly everyone knows where they are going.”

He added: “The new trains look very futuristic; I enjoyed watching them illuminate dark tunnels.

“Overall, it was a fantastic experience.”

(Image: Luke Agbaimoni)