A Barlinnie prisoner was found with an unauthorised SIM card.

Robert Cunninghame, 29, was an inmate at the East End jail on June 13, 2023, when prison officers searched his cell and found a mobile phone.

It was confirmed that the SIM card was not authorised by the prison.

Cunninghame appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last recently after he pleaded guilty to having the SIM card without reasonable excuse.

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Sheriff Vincent Lunny remarked: "This is not the first time he did this. He has been to jail for it before."

Cunninghame's lawyer said: "He has two sisters here who intervene in his life. They both support him.

"He has a full-time job working five days a week. He can carry out unpaid work."

The sheriff replied: "If he was appearing from custody, I would jail him. Where did he get it?"

The solicitor said: "He was given it. His family lives in Ayrshire. This was his only contact with them. He was given it by a fellow prisoner.

"It was for contact with his family."

Sentence was deferred until July 26.