A FOODBANK manager has told of her gratitude to a mystery stranger who generously paid for her shopping.

Audrey Flannagan was overwhelmed by the random act of kindness at Asda Toryglen when she lost her bank card.

Audrey, who runs Glasgow South East Foodbank, only realised the card was missing at the checkout and became flustered.

She ran out to look for the card and when she returned her shopping had been scanned, packed - and paid for.

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The charity worker said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when I came back in and everything was there waiting for me.

"That was kind enough of the staff to do while I had left the shop to look for my card.

"I was in such a panic in case I had dropped it and someone went off with it - with contactless payments now they could spend a lot of your money before you realise the card is even missing.

"But while I was just pleased my shopping had been packed up for me, I could not believe it had been paid for.

"I kept asking staff who had paid for it but they would only say it was a mystery - and refused to tell me."

Audrey was picking up her shopping at Asda on Monday night but stopped to fill up on fuel first.

In a panic that she had left it at the self-service fuel pumps, she ran back out to look for the card.

Fortunately, she had left it behind and was reunited with it fairly quickly. 

But, in the meantime, staff had seen how worried she was and stepped in to sort out her shopping for her.

And Audrey wants whoever paid for the goods to know that their act of kindness was truly appreciated.

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Audrey, from Govanhill, added: "In among all the doom and gloom at the moment and how hard things are I really wanted to share this to let people know there are still good people out there and still people looking out for one another.

"This was really an exceptionally kind thing to happen and I was nearly in tears as it was just so nice.

"I could not be more grateful and I want whoever paid for my shopping to know that.

"I cannot thank them enough." 

Asda has been contacted for comment.