CELTIC are in possession of a small number of tickets for their fans to attend the next Glasgow derby instalment at Ibrox on April 3.

It's understood that Rangers have handed their arch rivals 700 briefs for the powderkeg game.

It's believed that the Ibrox club have been given no indication that these tickets will be returned. 

So, in turn, this should mean that Celtic will offer the same amount of tickets to Rangers for the fourth and final league game between the sides post-split.

While 700 is a minuscule number in comparison to the away crowds this fixture used to permit, it's a breakthrough in the tensions between the clubs over away supporters.

There have been NO away fans at all in the previous two derby games this term.

This was put down to Covid restriction-related issues.

Prior to that, going back to 2018, Rangers slashed Celtic's huge allocation behind the goal - which was around 7,000 tickets - to around just 900 in the corner of Ibrox, which is the same amount every other team in the league are provided.

Celtic therefore reacted by cutting Rangers' allocation to the same amount at Parkhead.

Gers CEO Stewart Robertson earlier this year revealed that there had been progress in talks about getting away supporters back at the huge derby fixtures. 

The move to allow 700 back in has yet to be officially confirmed.