Chris Sutton admits the farce surrounding the Dens Park pitch is totally Dundee's fault.

The former Celtic striker insists Rangers were quite right to play the game when suits them given it wasn't their doing that it was called off in the first place.

However, the pundit has pointed out that the Premiership encounter being called off for a second time is not only bad for Rangers, but also for Celtic.

The 51-year-old has highlighted the reason why - and it's in relation to Dundee's top six circumstances.

He wrote in his Daily Record column: "There have been so many tears over this Dundee game there is a real danger of Ibrox being just as waterlogged as Dens Park.

"There’s no escaping the fact it is a shambles and big questions have to be answered about the state of that surface. But spare me the talk this is only bad for Rangers. It could actually turn out worse for Celtic. 

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"I know they have the possibility of going four points clear at the top of the table now and no guarantee Rangers will get this one done next midweek.

"But if if does take place on Wednesday and results go Dundee’s at the weekend, the pressure could be totally off them.

"They could already be assured of a top six place and rather than scrapping to get in, they might feel the hard work is done.

"There’s also talk of taking it to a neutral venue or behind closed doors but it goes back to the old sporting integrity line, doesn’t it?

"The whole point of playing at home is that there is meant to be some kind of advantage. Look, Rangers hitting five up there earlier in the season suggests it’s not much of an advantage, but it’s meant to be a level playing field – even if it is a mud heap.

"The whole situation is a mess. I don’t actually blame Rangers for not playing last week. It wasn’t their fault the game went off originally and while some people are panning them for not playing it at the earliest opportunity, they have every right to do it when they see fit.

"This is all on Dundee. I had to chuckle when I heard them blaming global warming. It might be some microclimate up there when there’s a pristine surface 100 yards across the street at Tannadice.

"They might be calling in Greta Thunberg for back up, but, either way, it doesn’t look good for Scottish football."