A DEER was put to sleep after it was viciously mauled by a dog as the number of deaths in a nature park mounts. 

Four mutilated deer have been found in just one month at the Mosswater Nature Reserve in Cumbernauld. 

The unfortunate animal was put down after a brutal attack left it with severe injuries on February 20. 

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Animal welfare chiefs fear organised deer coursing could be taking place.

Inspector Jack Marshall said, “We’re appealing to members of the public to come forward if they have any information about these incidents.

“It could be simply that there’s a local dog owner who’s not paying attention to what their dog is getting up to when it’s off lead.

"We would remind dog owners that it is an offence for your dog to be out of control in any public or private place.

“It’s also possible that this could be organised deer coursing, which is a crime.

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“Either way, being attacked by a dog is a horrendous way for these deer to die.

"They will have spent their last moments extremely distressed and suffering massive amounts of pain and fear.

“We would urge local dog owners to ensure their dogs are kept on a lead around deer at all times and that they make sure they have sight of their dog if it is off lead."

We reported earlier today how a traumatised woman found a decapitated deer in a frog pond in Motherwell. 

Her German Shephards had found the discarded remains stuffed into an Asda bag which had been dumped in the water.