GLASWEGIANS are being encouraged to get out and clean their local area in a city-wide event this Saturday.

Glasgow Spring Clean 2021 will see hundreds of people taking part in litter picks and community clean ups in their local area.

Organiser, Hamish Docherty, says that the event is aimed to help local residents to take pride in their city.

Glasgow Times:

Hamish said: "We are encouraging people to get out and litter pick in the local area.

"This is the first year that we have organised a 'Spring Clean' across Glasgow and we would have planned for a traditional large group event, but obviously with coronavirus restrictions, we are asking people to do what they can in their local area."

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Glasgow Spring Clean 2021 will see around 300 people in neighbourhoods across the South Side, West End, East End and the North of the city take part in a litter pick.

Hamish says that the idea for the litter pick came after the litter and fly tipping on streets became more noticeable during lockdown.

Glasgow Times:

He said: "We are in a really unique window at the moment.

"Restrictions are somewhat lifted but people are still in limbo because they can't to their favourite cafes and visit each other's homes.

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"So this will give people a reason to get out again.

"It has also made the mess on our streets more noticeable while they are less populated."

Hamish also says that the aim of the event is to raise awareness of issues with dropping litter in the city streets.

Glasgow Times:

He said: "There seems to be a lot of untapped anger towards things like potholes and litter especially in Glasgow.

"By doing the litter pick, I think it helps to promote this thinking of take care of the place you live.

"If someone has taken part in the Spring Clean or even if they know someone who has, it might make them think twice about dropping litter and how much work has gone to collecting all the little dropped over the past few years."

He also says that the event will help to highlight how long Glasgow's streets have been filled with little and rubbish, and create a "reset moment".

Hamish said: "It's quite remarkable actually.

"When you look at the rubbish that you pick up on the streets, you're seeing brands of crisps for example that haven't been around in years, which shows how long our streets have been lying like this.

"This event could really be the start of a 'reset moment' for Glasgow. We can clean up our streets while they are still quiet and before the people fully come out of lockdown.

"We want people to send us before and after pictures and how many bags they fill on the day.

"It is our first year of doing this but if successful, we would love for this to become an annual event."

To take part, you can visit the Facebook event page and also follow the event on Instagram at @cleanupglasgow2021.