“Makes me sick”, “farcical” and “pathetic and cowardly” are just some of the responses from Glasgow politicians to Boris Johnson’s apology as he admitted being at a party in Downing Street at the height of lockdown.

The Prime Minister dismissed calls for his resignation despite admitting he was at the party and he allowed it to continue.

Instead, he said people should wait for the investigation by senior civil servant Sue Gray to conclude.

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After the performance at Prime Minister’s Question Time SNP and Labour politicians in Glasgow reacted, with rage at the Prime Minister.

Pam Duncan Glancy, Labour Glasgow MSP recalled her family being in mourning at the time.

She tweeted: “Didn’t realise it was a party?! Bull. Whilst he was having a ‘work’* meeting in a garden (which also wasn’t allowed), my family were grieving my dad over Zoom. Makes me sick. They had a party. He attended. He is contemptible. He should resign. (*IT WAS A PARTY)”



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Stewart McDonald, SNP Glasgow South MP said: “He’s apologising because he’s been caught, not because he’s actually sorry.”



SNP Councillor Greg Hepburn said : “How thick does Boris Johnson think we are? No one can believe that he thought a "Bring Your Own Booze" party in the gardens was an 'in office work meeting.' Literally no one. He has to go.”



Paul Sweeney, Labour MSP said: A pathetic and cowardly performance by Boris Johnson at #PMQs. His excuses are an insult to millions. He has insulted our intelligence for too long. There is no need to wait for the conclusions of an inquiry, the facts are self-evident, his position is untenable. He must resign.



Mhairi Hunter, SNP councillor said : “It's so farcical. There is no conceivable way that any enquiry could find that a garden party with 100 invitees mid lockdown could be within the rules. What does he think is going to change in a few weeks? What's he clinging on for?”