CELEBRATING 10 years exploring their shared passion for true crime, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn will take to the King’s Theatre stage this weekend with the live show of their smash-hit true crime comedy podcast.

All Killa No Filla sees the two hilarious and outspoken comedians discuss serial killers while oversharing and veering off-topic with the Glasgow International Comedy Festival (GICF) show kicking off the podcast’s 10th-anniversary tour across the UK.

"It’s the best place to start it," Rachel says.

"I have to say to start in Glasgow sets the bar high because, ask any comedian, Glasgow is the best place to gig.

"Unless you’re a bad comedian, bad comedians do not do well in Glasgow because audiences can sense bulls*** a mile off."

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Glasgow Times:

Kiri continued: "Part of me is excited to kick off there because it will give us a bit of confidence playing these big rooms, but at the same time what if the whole tour is us going ‘well it wasn’t Glasgow was it’. It might set the bar too high."

While All Killa No Filla is a comedy, the comedians stress they never make fun of victims, but say the “gallows humour” goes down well with Glasgow audiences.

Kiri explained: "Glasgow has a really wicked sense of dark humour running through it that goes really well with what we do.

"Not that we’re ever making fun of victims or anything like that but you’ve got to be able to laugh at the toughest things in life because Glasgow is a city that’s had it tough."

Glasgow Times:

Both Kiri and Rachel say it doesn’t feel like 10 years since they started recording All Killa No Filla and it "never crossed" their minds they would still be doing it now.

"It feels quite weird because it feels like we’ve been doing it for a long time, but also five minutes," Rachel says.

"But it also feels quite good because it’s a massive achievement. Anything that stays popular for 10 years is pretty good."

She continued: "When we started it we thought it might be one of those things you start with all the best intentions but 10 years ago podcasts hadn’t taken off like now.”

Kiri added: "It’s this weird juggling act of feeling like we’re still brand new to this and it still feels very fresh but also we’ve achieved so much in 10 years with this tiny little thing that was recorded on free software in a back bedroom in north Manchester."

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Glasgow Times:

Kiri says the growth in popularity of All Killa No Filla happened in phases, rising from around 150 regular listeners to now hundreds of thousands after the podcast caught on in America and following the true crime phenomenon.  

She said: "We’re a great example of failing upwards in a way you don’t really see outside of the privately educated men.

"We managed to babystep our way into being very popular and I would like to think it’s because it is good, it’s funny, and we are authentic.

"With us, you’re listening to two people who are genuinely friends and speak every day."

Glasgow Times:

While the live show follows the format of the podcast, it is not recorded with Rachel saying "whatever happens in the room, stays in the room".

One feature of All Killa No Filla’s live shows is the audience, also called Legends, dress up in fancy dress with some going to "unbelievable lengths" to join in.

"I don’t mind telling the population of Glasgow that I am so confident we have the best-dressed audience," Kiri says.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn will bring All Killa No Filla to the King’s Theatre on Saturday, March 30 as part of the GICF.

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