A MAN whose dogs were found in an unhealthy condition could lose his pets.

Connor McLaughlin’s six dogs were found at his home which was “in a state of disarray” on May 22, 2021.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard officers attended the property in the city’s Maryhill due to an unrelated matter.

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Prosecutor Laura Martin said: “Police observed two adult German Shepherds and a Chihuahua cross in the property.

“There were three puppies cramped in the hall.

“There was various broken glass on the floor as well as knives and screwdrivers.”

Urine and faeces was also discovered as well as blood on the walls.

The German Shepherds were allowed out by police.

One of the dogs was unable to walk due to “long overgrown nails.”

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Street Valium tablets were found scattered which McLaughlin confirmed where the illegal drugs.

The hearing was told McLaughlin later lashed out at officers who tried to restrain him.

He also made threats towards them.

McLaughlin, 26, pleaded guilty to failing to take steps to ensure animals needs were met.

He also admitted possession of amphetamine and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner as well as assaulting PC Alan Douglas.

His lawyer Paul Sutherland told the court that McLaughlin was “living a chaotic lifestyle” at the time and still owns dogs.

Sentence was deferred for three pending reports from the RSPCA.

A pet disqualification will also be considered by Sheriff Vincent Lunny.